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Music Sense

A new music discovery
& licensing platform.

Our music library is used by…
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An extensive music library with curated collections of tracks and powerful search, helping you find music by genre, style, mood, production, instruments and even colour.

No matter what you’re looking for,
Topline helps you find it.

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Full Playback
Audition all library tracks in their entirety with no limits, full playback and full control.
Multiple Mixes
Multiple mixes for tracks across the library, giving you more choice, texture, colour and options.
Detailed Metadata
Detailed track data such as bpm, tunecodes, composer credits, key, time signature and instrumentation.
Simple, usage specific pricing and agreements for personal projects, commercial use and broadcasters with blanket agreements.
This license allows you to use the music found on Topline for personal and non-profit projects. Personal videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. and charity or non-profit videos for non-commercial use.
For those working in the industry, licensing music for commercial use. Includes advertisement for charity, non-profit organisations on the web and TV, or online and radio use where advertising space has been paid for.
Pro +
A Super Pro license is for those who intend to use this music in TV, Film, or Theatre.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Man working
Bespoke commissions & tailored service.
Can’t find what you’re looking for in our library? Unlike other music libraries, Topline offers a 1 to 1 service with recommendations based on your requirements, and even fully bespoke commissions for that perfect sound.