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Why Topline?

Discover Music Easily

Looking for the perfect music track? Topline lets you search by Genre, Style, Mood, Production, Instrument and even Colour. We also have 'Collections' so you can listen to a group of related tracks and save time.

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Audition Tracks and Variations

You can listen to the original mix of any track by clicking on the play button. You can fast forward, pause or listen to a specific section. Clicking the forward arrow or the main track bar takes you to the dedicated track page where you will see all the additional mixes. We have created additional mixes that are different to the original mix with more choices, textures and colours. Here you will also see more information such as bpm, composer and more detailed categories.


Simple Licensing Options

At anytime you can click on the green + sign to buy a license. Here you have three options: Topline Direct, Topline Pro and Topline Pro+. Each one of these is easy to understand and allows you to buy a license depending on your specific usage. You can collect several tracks and add them to your shopping basket. Fill out a music cue sheet and you're sorted.

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Available Everywhere

Unlike many music libraries Topline is built for the modern web and is accessible everywhere. Need to license some music on the go or audition some music on the way to a meeting? No problem, Topline has you covered.

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